The Travel Women is a community for women by women to empower women to travel outside Their comfort zone. 

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Jennifer O'Brien

Founder, Editor in chief

Jennifer O'Brien The Travel Women Portrait

Jen founded The Travel Women in 2015 and works full-time managing the website and social media community, traveling half the time and residing half the time in Brooklyn. She loves testing out new travel technology from cameras to drones and is a professional photographer and videographer (and self-taught dronographer). She studied abroad in Parma, Italy allowing her to fine-tune her Italian while traveling all around Italy and to 10 new countries. Returning from study abroad she landed her dream internship at a travel magazine where she worked for 3 years before transitioning into a social media agency. Some of her favorite travel experiences include: riding camels into the Sahara, cruising down the Danube in Budapest and bobsledding the Olympic track in Norway. She founded The Travel Women to lift up amazing women with amazing stories and create a community for women to share information on where they’ve been so others can make their dream trips reality. She also loves meeting fellow travelers and encourages you to email her and introduce yourself!


Meleena Bowers

Senior Editor

Meleena is a New York based attorney turned freelance travel writer and author. Having been introduced to travel at a young age, Meleena is an avid traveler with passport stamps from over 100 countries on seven continents. Her global contacts provide her with the resources to have an insider's vantage point of the places she visits. She can often be found soaking up the local culture, indulging in regional food, wine, and spirits, and dancing the night away at the latest hot spot. She’s tangoed in Buenos Aires, crawled into the belly of the pyramids in Giza, cuddled with Koalas in Australia, gone on safari in Africa, hiked part of the Silk Road in Samarkand, and dove with majestic Manta Rays in the Maldives. Meleena prefers to visit destinations overlooked by the mainstream traveler. Favorite destinations include Sydney, the Maldives, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Reykjavik, and Paris, though Meleena hopes that her favorite destination is the destination she has yet to discover. As a certified scuba diver, she is on a quest to discover the world's best dive sites. Meleena has flirted with German and Mandarin. She speaks English, French and Spanish. She has written for a number of travel and news outlets including MSN, Dream Catcher Magazine, Where are You Now, Galavante,, and The Travel Women. She founded World Travelure, an online travel magazine that aims to publish articles that highlight the adventurist in all of us.


Anna Kloots

Senior Contributor 

Anna Kloots is a girl in love with seeing the world. She's been traveling since she moved to England after college, and has been to sixty countries over the last six years! She now lives in New York City but spends most of the year exploring the world with her husband, a world-renowned sleight-of-hand magician. As a travel blogger and magician’s assistant, she has experiences all over the world that are a bit outside-the-box. Anna loves to seek out the unusual wherever she goes, dig deep into culture, and look stylish doing it! She loves being out of her element, anything that involves glitter, and feels strongly that everything is better with sprinkles. Keep up with her greatest escapes here:



Anna Mazurek


Anna is a freelance travel photographer and writer based in Austin, Texas. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including AFAR, Rolling Stone, Southern Living and Travel + Leisure. She has a Master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri. She is currently teach photojournalism courses at Texas State University. She managed summer photo programs in Asia for five years. She fell in love with photography and traveling while studying abroad in college. Since then, she has been to 45 countries and lived on four continents. Sitting still is boring.

Last year, she launched her travel blog,, with the goal of inspiring people to travel by sharing her adventures and travel tips. As an ambassador at TheTravelWomen, she wants to continue to provide inspiration by sharing her experiences and useful tips with other women travelers!


Claire Wang


Claire is a Bostonian student on a mission to see as much of the world as she can. Travel has always been a huge part of her life – as a Chinese-American, most of her family lives in China, so she has flown 13 hours across the globe to see them starting when she was five years old. Even though she had been traveling all her life, the travel bug didn’t really bite her until a school exchange trip to Italy where she didn’t understand a word. Completely surrounded by the new, she threw herself into the unknown excited like never before. She looks forward to seeing as much of the world as she possibly can!



Rin Ehlers


Originally hailing from Louisville, KY, Rin Ehlers Sheldon is a San Diego based writer, director, and cinematographer. Her utmost passion is providing more opportunities for women in production and empowering artists of all walks, who are proactive and dedicated. Her work in narrative and documentary features has enabled her to experience various cultures on 6 continents.