10 Best Places To Travel For a Winter Wonderland Holiday

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas or winter wonderland for the holidays this year? Here are 10 destinations where the holiday spirit is bright and the chance of a white Christmas is high!


1. Quebec City, Canada: No city does Christmas quite like Quebec City does. In the Old Town, there are Christmas trees every 5 meters, Christmas shops galore, and a high possibility of snow! 

2. Bern, Switzerland: Bern is famous for its Christmas card worthy setting. The Old Town is the place to be during Christmas season, with Christmas Markets selling everything from homemade crafts to Glühwein (mulled wine) to keep you warm.

3. Salzburg, AustriaSalzburg is a fairy-tale town, so perfect and picturesque that you’ll hardly believe it’s real. Here you’ll find a traditional Christmas, with classic carol singers and an atmospheric market piled with baked goods, candied fruits and roasted chestnuts.

4. Lapland, Finland: What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a gorgeous northern lights show? If you celebrate Christmas in Lapland, that’s exactly what you’ll get, along with a fresh coat of sparkling white snow!

5. Tallinn, Estonia: Believe it or not, Tallinn is where the original tradition of having a Christmas tree came from! And where better to celebrate a white Christmas than the origin of the Christmas tree? Often called the medieval pearl of Europe, Tallinn is not to be missed!

6. Berlin, Germany: Christmas markets actually originated in Germany, so why not spend Christmas in the capital of Germany? Berlin has a hugely popular Christmas market, held on the grounds of the stunning Charlottenburg Palace full of glittering decorations.

7. London, England: London goes all out on the decorations. There are huge bows on buildings, wreaths and presents galore, and light installations everywhere. And, this year odds are 5/1 that there’ll be a white Christmas!

8. Brussels, Belgium: Belgium is famed for having not one, but two Santas! (St. Nicholas and Pere Noel). During Christmastime, Brussels has a lively fairground, ice rink, and concerts galore. There’s even a food plaza where you can sample the best of Belgian food, such as Belgium waffles and Belgian chocolates.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark: During December, Copenhagen’s famed Tivoli gardens are transformed into a winter wonderland. With Christmas carnivals, twinkling lights everywhere, and even an ice palace, Copenhagen is a brilliant place to celebrate Christmas!

10. Fairbanks, Alaska: Just 20 minutes away from Fairbanks is the unofficial North Pole, a place where Christmas reigns supreme even into the summer months. The entire town is a festive dream – the streetlamps look like candy canes, they have the “World’s Largest Santa Claus,” a 42-foot statue, and there are live reindeer. 

Where are you spending Christmas this year? Tell us in the comments below!