When you only have 24 hours in Seattle there are a few top things you cannot miss! Though I was in the area longer, I essentially had 24 hours to “be a tourist” in Seattle and even though I saw the gum wall and the troll under the bridge, they didn’t make my list. No, these are the quintessential Seattle and most beautiful sights to see! 

1. Chihuly Garden: There are not enough words to describe the fantastical sculptures Chihuly creates out of glass: chandeliers from floor to ceiling and actual “boatloads” of glass bubbles that look like they could float away. There is nothing quite like this magical museum next to the Space Needle. 

2.  Space Needle: Even though a shot of this famous structure is a must, a trip to the top is admittedly not as exciting as NYC’s Top of the Rock or other tall viewpoints. 

3. Pike’s Place Market: Someone asked me at the Space Needle, “where’s that place where they throw the fish” and I answered Pike’s Place Market. It is a huge and scattered place where you can find everything imaginable to eat and more! The girl in the Indi chocolate shop told me, “the place was built by drunkards, it’s easiest to navigate if you imagine you’re drunk.”

4. Theo’s Chocolate: Take a tour of Seattle’s local chocolate factory and enjoy tons of free samples in the store and along the tour that help the $10 tour pay for itself. 

5. Snoqualmie Falls: This was one of my favorite places, technically just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, but this beautiful cascading waterfall looks like Iceland! It’s less of a hike though and more of sight, next time I want to explore more hiking trails especially in Discovery Park!

Where are your favorite places in and around Seattle? Comment Below! 

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