The Best Vintage Stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg’s hipster stereotypes would not be complete without a myriad of vintage shops catering to every budget. These spaces which range from tiny closet-sized stores to mini-warehouses are filled with one-of-a-kind treasures and stories of a New York gone by.  Racks of pre-loved pieces are ready to take on a new life and complete your unique look.  Stores stock current trends and owners serve as stylists to help you find authentic ways to wear gems that no one else will have. With so many options to choose from in this vintage shop mecca, these are the best places to find the right Williamsburg vibes with something for everyone.  

Guide to Barbados

There’s much more to Barbados than the resorts along the azure waters and white sand beaches. Listen to the local reggae and soca beats at Oistins fish market on the island where Rihanna grew up. From green monkeys to swimming with sea turtles the wildlife is truly amazing to see. Snorkelers and scuba divers can see the colorful marine life and enjoy hundreds of beautiful shallow water shipwrecks in Carlisle Bay and beyond.

Interview with Lauren

Interview with Lauren Elizabeth, Lagoa Swimwear

I was inspired to start Lagoa Swimwear while I was living in Brazil.  I spent two years abroad, traveling to all of the beautiful beaches and lagoas. I’ve always been nervous to leave my belongings unattended on the beach.  On one occasion, I went into the ocean for a minute and upon my return, my money and ID were stolen. I looked everywhere for a bikini with a pocket and came up empty handed, so I decided to come up with a solution.