Great photography is all about capturing a unique perspective and what better way than with creative aerial drone shots. Here are some of our favorite The Travel Women Drone shots and tips to help your shots stand out! Learn more about our two recommended drones in our reviews of the DJI Mavic and DJI Spark. Buy the DJI Mavic here and the DJI Spark here.

1. @marinacomes Try matching colors like Marina did with this blue dress and the color of the ocean.

2. @jenniferscamera Look for repetition from above like the two beach chairs mirroring the two boats.

3. @sandralugiano Include fun props like this pineapple float!

4. @thetrinitraveller Work on symmetry, for example by centering yourself or a boat in a shot.

5. @dualvoyage Purposefully put yourself and a friend off center working with the rule of thirds.

6. @andreastravelss Don’t line it up and instead play with angles.

7. @claudiaalvrz Shots don’t always need to be from directly above a subject, experiment with angles for a unique shot.

8. @tourdelust Get a group of women together to show scale and perspective.

9. @peppermintplaces Shoot at a time of day with harsh shadows to give perspective to things like palm trees.

10. @rrrudya Get creative with locations! Drone shots don’t need to just be at beaches, try something creative like this shot in a forest in Brandenburg, Germany.

Do you have any other drone shot tips? Comment below!

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