How to see the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

TRAVEL TIP: It is possible to see the famous cherry blossoms in DC in 24 hours traveling from NYC for around $30 roundtrip! This also helps you avoid much higher than usual hotel prices. Since the peak can sometimes only last a few days and be unpredictable depending on weather, I booked my trip on a 1am greyhound bus to DC a few days ahead. Since the peak was delayed a week I actually ended up going on this day trip twice to shoot sunrise at the tidal basin two weekends in a row which meant I did capture the before and after and the bud transformation was worth the early morning start. I also had the pleasure to meet up with some amazing DC photographers like @golightly from @igdc and @someguy, definitely check to see if there are instameets when you are there to meet other cool photographers. Have you seen the DC cherry blossoms? Comment below!