This Valentine’s Day celebrate the love of amazing hot chocolate around NYC at the best spots!

1. THE MARK HOTEL: Enjoy creamy hot chocolate and Laduree macaroons at The Mark on the UES. Watch the below video featuring @Oyuxi and @Crissibeth 


2. CITY BAKERY: Try a new flavor every day during the famous City Bakery’s 25th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival. Don’t forget the incredible home made marshmallow. Flavors below: 


3. GROM: For a classic thick Italian-style hot chocolate visit the gelateria Grom, where you must try the Baccio flavor topped with whipped cream and small hazelnut crumbles, which tastes like melted Nutella.


4. TOBY’S ESTATE: This lighter hot chocolate is a good way to start any day. The best part is that Toby’s Estate is connected to a flower shop, Strand bookstore and Club Monacco, so you can browse books with the fragrant smell of flowers around you! 


5. THE CHOCOLATE ROOM: Enjoy their rich and sustainably-sourced hot chocolate at one of their two Brooklyn locations. 

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