Photo: Disney/LucasFilm
Photo: Disney/LucasFilm

Star Wars’ new feminist protagonist is a scavenger, survivor and badass. Finally there’s a Rey of light, a heroine to look up to on the big screen. The movie not only passes the Bechdel Test but also shows how women can travel solo and have life-changing adventures. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, this movie is worth watching. (warning: some spoilers) Here’s why Rey exemplifies the ultimate travel woman:


1.     Rey is not afraid to travel solo. She’s been on her own for most of her life.

2.     She’s smart. Scavenging for mechanical pieces in the sand allows her to get bread to eat.

3.     No one needs to save her. When Han Solo hands her a weapon, she tells him, “I think I can handle myself” and he replies “that’s why I’m giving it to you.”

4.     She’s a survivor on the desert planet of Jakku, where she’s taught herself how to get by on her own.

5.     When given the opportunity to sell the droid for more food than she’s ever seen at one time, she chooses to keep the droid instead. 

6.     Rey is a leader not a damsel-in-distress as she told Finn “I know how to run without you taking my hand.”

7.     Fighting the stereotype that women don’t know how to drive, Rey drives the Millennium Falcon easily for the first time.

8.     She can fix anything, even figuring out shortcuts that Han Solo didn’t know.  

9.     Her clothes don’t distract from her purpose. She doesn’t wear a gold bikini.

10. She speaks multiple languages, which helps her understand the droid.

11. Despite her talents she also has imperfections that she must overcome. When handed the lightsaber, Rey’s first response was to run away.

12. She is powerful and after she realizes the force is within her, she wields her power against strong opposition. 

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